Fee Reduction Program

We want every student who wishes to sit for an AP Exam to have that opportunity—regardless of financial means. We encourage teachers and public school administrators to inquire with your Title I coordinators and classroom teachers to identify and reach out to students who may qualify for the fee reduction program. 

Funding Sources

The $94 AP Exam fee is set by the College Board; however, public school students with significant financial need may apply for a fee reduction. We receive federal and state subsidization through multiple funding sources:

The exam fee for a qualifying student is $3, payable directly to your school. Please refer to the 2019 Exam Fee Reduction Information and Letter, complete the form, and return it to the school AP coordinator.

Key Info for Schools Receiving Fee Subsidies

Each public school (charters included) must adhere to the following:

  • Report the projected number of AP Exams to be taken by all students and the number of those students covered by the test fee reduction program. Schools must report these numbers, regardless of whether or not there is a change from year to year. Schools that fail to report these figures will be held financially responsible for paying the AP Exam fees for its students. 

    Please provide us estimates by November 20, 2019, (following the initial order), and by May 20, 2020, (following exam administration).
    • Order College Board AP Exams directly from College Board.
    • Email a copy of the AP Exam invoice to APSI before June 15, 2020.

    Important Student/Parent Info

    Whether you attend public school or homeschool or require special accommodations, planning ahead is critical. Now is the time to think ahead about the AP courses you plan to take so you don’t miss important deadlines. We encourage you to review the College Board calendar and timeline and note these critical deadlines.